Medium-frequency induction furnace-steel making

Medium-frequency induction furnace-steel making

Continuous casting machine

MET offers two mature billet casting technologies, mould casting and continuous casting, which can be designed for 4 meter arc, 6 meter arc, 8 meter arc, 12 meter arc continuous casting machines; Die casting machine can meet a variety of specifications of slab, rectangular blank, raw blank production, high yield and high quality.

MET insists on providing high-quality and reliable casting machine for customers.

Medium-frequency induction furnace

Medium frequency induction furnace became already the most used melting equipment in steel making field to produce general steel product like construction material. And it’s more popular due to its less investment cost. Throughout the 30 years of metallurgical projects, MET has constantly improved our professional expertise and is devoted to supplying high-quality and reliable medium-frequency induction furnace for each customer.