Hot rolling mill

Hot rolling is the direct downstream industry of steel making. Hot rolling can be combined with steelmaking to form a long process line, or it can also independently produce specific steel products by reheating billets in a reheating furnace. MET has a strong steel rolling technical team, providing a full range of high-quality hot rolling processes and auxiliary equipment for the production of a wide range of long materials, profiles and plates, strips.

Blast furnace-iron making

Blast furnace iron making is the most popular technology of extracting iron from iron ore all over the world, using metallurgical coke as the main fuel to reduce the raw material in the shaft blast furnace, such as lump iron ore, sinter, pellet, iron powder, to get the qualified product—pig iron for making steel or foundry according exact need.

Combining the objective requirements of each customer with the actual situation, MET is always committed to providing mature, scientific, cost-effective iron making solutions for customers, striving for building long-term friendly relationships with customers.

Electric arc furnace steel making

Electric arc furnace steel making process can meet higher quality steel product, with rich experience in metallurgical projects, MET is dedicated to providing tailor-made electric arc furnace for customers, striving for meeting the demand of each customer and building long-term cooperation with more customers.

According to raw material difference, pig/sponge iron, scrap or non-ferrous ore, two kind of arc furnaces are separately selected, one is electric arc furnace for making steel, the other is submerged arc furnace for smelting non-ferrous ore to make alloy.

Continuous casting machine

MET offers two mature billet casting technologies, mould casting and continuous casting, which can be designed for 4 meter arc, 6 meter arc, 8 meter arc, 12 meter arc continuous casting machines; Die casting machine can meet a variety of specifications of slab, rectangular blank, raw blank production, high yield and high quality.

MET insists on providing high-quality and reliable casting machine for customers.

Converter-steel making

Converter steelmaking is based on molten iron, steel scrap and ferroalloy as the main raw materials, without the aid of external energy, relying on the physical heat of liquid iron itself and the chemical reaction between liquid iron components to generate heat and complete the steelmaking process in the converter. According to refractories, the converter is divided into acid and basic, according to the part of gas blowing into the furnace there are top blowing, bottom blowing and side blowing; According to the gas type, it is divided into air converter and oxygen converter. The basic oxygen top blown and top and bottom blown converter is the most commonly used steelmaking equipment because of its high production speed, large output, high single furnace output, low cost and less investment. Converter is mainly used for the production of carbon steel, alloy steel and copper and nickel smelting.

MET has always spared no effort to design and supply scientific basic oxygen furnace-converter service for each customer and tried our best to meet the requirements of customers.

Medium-frequency induction furnace

Medium frequency induction furnace became already the most used melting equipment in steel making field to produce general steel product like construction material. And it’s more popular due to its less investment cost. Throughout the 30 years of metallurgical projects, MET has constantly improved our professional expertise and is devoted to supplying high-quality and reliable medium-frequency induction furnace for each customer.

Annealing furnace

MET designs and supplies scientific annealing solutions and products for domestic and foreign customers, fully considering material characteristics, applications, and production line adaptation and other factors, to provide each customer with professional, scientific and comprehensive solutions.

Cold rolling mill

Mastering a full set of mature cold rolling process technology, MET can independently design small and medium-sized cold rolling production line and ensure the long-term high performance of cold rolling machine.

Tension leveling line

MET has always been devoted to providing the professional and reliable tension leveling line and improving its working process and efficiency. 

Degreasing Unit

MET designs and supplies scientific degreasing unit solutions for domestic and foreign customers, fully considering material characteristics, applications, and production line adaptation and other factors, to provide each customer with professional, scientific and comprehensive solutions.

Acid Washing/Pickling

MET has long been devoted to providing the professional and reliable acid washing/pickling line and won the trust of each customer.

Galvanizing line

Galvanizing lines from MET are high-quality technical solutions for the annealing and galvanizing process. These lines will be an excellent choice for customers to achieve uniform metallurgical structure and material properties.

Color-coated line

MET has always supplied reliable and professional color-coated line services and insisted on improving the process flow of the whole line.

Temper mill

Possessing powerful technical strength and sophisticated processing equipment, MET has made the temper mill projects more advanced in technology, more reasonable in cost, easy to maintain, and reliable in operation. 

Slitting line

Slitting line services provided by MET have been well known for its excellent performance and professional technology and become more and more popular among global customers. Slitting line from MET will be undoubtedly the first choice of each customer.